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Tom – Leader of Tom’s Group

Tom is the oldest chimpanzee in Tacugama. He arrived in 2013.

Tom was kept in a cage next to a house for 30 years! and his owner decided to hand him over to Tacugama after he was informed of the illegality of keeping a chimp as a pet. Tom has had a lot of difficulty integrating at Tacugama, he didn’t know he was a chimp and suffered from psychological trauma. He did not know how to climb or defend himself, and was often getting beaten up by more dominant males. However, he finally found a friend to call his own in Nico, the boys’ club who spend hours playing with each other. Tom has even been seen going up on some of our climbing structures on rare occasion, and he loves to watch and play with his fingers! He is now the hoot of wisdom in our sanctuary.

Support us – Now for only €66.– / year

It costs almost €1,500 a year to take care of each chimpanzee at the sanctuary – to feed them a balanced healthy diet, ensure they get skilled care from our staff, and that their home is safe, sound and well maintained.

The Western Chimpanzee is critically endangered, one of the most endangered primates in the world. Despite Tacugama’s successful sensitization and outreach efforts, baby orphans continue to arrive at our doorstep.

All funds raised from your guardianship will contribute directly towards the care of the sanctuary chimpanzees and sustaining our conservation and education projects aimed at protecting chimpanzees in the wild.

What’s Included

All the money raised through our guardianship program goes directly to pay for the care of the chimpanzees and to sustain our conservation and education programs, which is why we don’t offer gift-wrapped soft toys or framed glossy photographs.

  • A digital guardian certificate
  • Full chimp biography and regular updates on your chimp
  • Free annual admission pass to the sanctuary
  • 10% discount when you stay in one of the Tacugama eco-lodges
  • Monthly newsletter about Tacugama’s activities

Please note: It is also possible to become a guardian for a chimpanzee not listed in the selection – the price remains $60USD, however we will not be able to send you updates through the year. Please email to make arrangements.